Al­ler­hand! is a vir­tual com­pany, foun­ded in 2013 by myself and three other Graz-based in­for­ma­tion de­sign students.
The brand stands for “all sorts of” de­sign and spe­cia­li­zing into hand­craf­ting and analogue tech­ni­ques such as screen print and letterpress.
My idea was to re­flect our skills in a cor­por­ate de­sign: I pro­du­ced clip­boards and pos­ters using screen print. I let­ter­pres­sed the busi­ness cards and ano­ther team mem­ber hand­craf­ted a be­au­ti­ful lea­ther fol­der as a protective cover for the corporate manual.
The finished pro­duct incorporates clean design, in­clu­ding small de­tails and hap­tic sur­pri­ses to present our understanding of branding.

Team members: Bianca Höller, Isabella Planker and Jane Wolfsberger