Awolnation – Through The Uprising Creative

Du­ring my time in Los An­ge­les, I had the ho­nor to work as an in­tern at The Upri­sing Crea­tive. As a graphic design intern, I greatly developed my professional skills and grew more confident in my direction and abilities.
In preparation for Awol­na­ti­on’s 2015 Al­bum „Run”, The Upri­sing was hired to create the artwork for the upcoming album and marketing campaign. I was fortunate to be asked to assist in driving the creative process near the start of the pro­ject, collaborating and contributing ideas for iconic imagery.
For the project, I developed a screen design for Awolnation’s splash page highlighting the tour dates and I’m proud that my design was selected to be used on the official Awolnation website.
I also contributed to the layout design for the cover art of the single “Hollow Moon”, designed by Simon (you should put his/her last name). Additionally, I assisted in the creation of the album’s accompanying merchandise and album release advertisements seen in RedBulletins across Europe.