Das Sachbuch

“Das Sach­buch” (“The Book of Facts”) is a pu­bli­ca­tion in its 5th se­mes­ter of the major-course “com­mu­ni­ca­tion de­sign” at my uni­ver­sity, University of Applied Sciences in Graz. The main to­pic was “Facts or Things”. It is a collec­tion of socio-critical work, se­pa­ra­ted into 3 vi­tal chap­ters: “Hu­mans”, “So­ciety” and “Con­sump­tion.”
Every student contributed his or her opinion in a graphical way, that he or she always wanted to say.
The outcome was a collection of personal thoughts about every-day problems.
With a complex visual in mind, the main goal was that the book should be a “fact” or a “thing”. The book is now divided into 3 pos­ters, that can be read like a newspaper through a spe­cial fol­ding method.

I took part at al­most every step from ma­king this pu­bli­ca­tion: Con­cept, Edi­to­rial Work, Mi­cro– and Macro­ty­po­gra­phy, un­til the fi­nal rea­liza­tion that was finalized by my talented friend Lisa Rath and myself.