A little while ago I was asked to design an Album Cover for my friends Iron Triangle, a synth-rock band based in London, UK.
The artwork should reflect the album’s name „Perfect Sunrise“ and Iron Triangles music character and personal style.

The creative process involved a heroic, surrealistic approach. Really concentrating on the Album Title, I tried to extend the thought of a Sunrise. The colors are inspired by a wet, dusty sunrise, that wants to develop into a happier and sunnier mood.
Thinking of „change“ and „new beginnings“ and a certain „start and goal“ – situation, I wanted to underline the bands first album as musicians.

The concrete look of the Logo, is the surreal and weird direction, that should provoke a thought of a steady (=heroic) uncertainty that always occurs with „change“.

Working with photo collage I developed a round concept for the album sleeve. Unfortunately, it will only be used in the digital world. But check out Iron Triangle on Soundcloud.