Born somewhat close to where Mozart was born and raised in an environment of deep love as well as ambition, Fanny soon settled in the family tradition of doing what she loves instead of doing what she was told to do.

Education in Salzburg, Graz, London and Los Angeles
eventually led her to become a professional Designer
and Illustrator as well as a Yoga Instructor (to shake of
the hardship and stress of the industry).

Fanny works for renown, award-winning agencies such
as JvM Donau, DMB., Scholz & Friends among others.
Moreover, she is a well-respected designer of unique
brandings within the creative scene. Her punchy and
snazzy designs can be found within the music industry,
the world of fashion and the art scene.

Apart from work she mostly spends her time looking at
used furniture online while bathing in the sun thinking
about what to eat for dinner.

She is currently working on her new online appearance.
Feel free to reach out for business inquiries or just to say hello.

Fanny Seiwald
Halbgasse 2/14
1070 Wien´╗┐
+43 699 11 60 3443

Art Direction
Creative Direction
Photo Production
Packaging Design
Web Design